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Extend Your Patio Season in Kansas City with an Outdoor Fireplace

oudoor patioWith the extreme ups and downs in Kansas and Missouri weather, when the snow finally melts we are all anxious to make the most of our outdoor space. And what better way to extend the life of your patio and outdoor area than with a fireplace? At BSM Residential we have just the right stone to fit your needs for an outdoor fireplace. Whether for an upcoming spring evening or delaying winter, choose from our selection of natural and manufactured stone to make your outdoor fireplace. Let’s consider a few other benefits of an outdoor fireplace:

Outdoor entertainment

Extend your home and gathering space with a cozy outdoor fireplace. Work with a outdoor living professional to integrate your fireplace design into the landscape and layout of your home, at a price you can afford. No matter the size, an outdoor fireplace can extend your outdoor entertaining schedule.

Warmth and Comfort

Since you don’t have to rely on the warmth of the season, outdoor fireplaces allow you to spend more time on your patio. With a variety of source options including, propane, butane or natural gas, outdoor firesides can provide warmth and comfort without the hassle constant maintenance. On the other hand, if you prefer the campfire feel, we have options for wood-burning fireplaces as well.


Depending on the type of fireplace you choose, it can be a valuable asset for cooking. Keep your house cool by cooking outside on a warm summer evening – and then stay warm by the fire as the night cools down. Ambiance. Outdoor fireplaces are perfect centerpieces for any outdoor gathering or relaxing evening in. At BSM Residential our fireplaces come with a variety of options to fit your needs. Find the perfect match to compliment your home and outdoor space. An outdoor fireplace, large or small, can set the mood for entertainment or relaxation. Remember, BSM has a wide selection of outdoor fireplace options available. No matter your style or budget, we have something to fit your needs. Take advantage of the cool Kansas City evenings by extending your outdoor season.

How to Take Care of a Manufactured Stone Fireplace

Made of lightweight concrete and molded to replicate the look of natural stone, manufactured stone veneer is a modern building material for fireplaces. While the firebox itself is made of heavy-duty materials, the hearth, mantle, and chimney are clad with faux stone. Manufactured stone is colored with pigments and stains to match the type of stone found in nature, then sealed to maintain the veneer’s integrity. Both indoor and outdoor fireplaces clad in manufactured stone are low maintenance.

Things You’ll Need

  • Vacuum cleaner with brush attachment
  • Vacuum extender attachment
  • Broom
  • Towel
  • Spray bottle glass cleaner
  • Garden hose
  • Exterior window cleaner
  • Garden spray nozzle
  • Manufactured stone cleaner
  • Brush
  • Pressure sprayer

Here are 3 ways to clean and take care of your manufactured stone:

  1. Vacuum the entire surface of an interior manufactured stone fireplace once a month or more frequently in regions where dust and debris accumulate quickly. Use the brush attachment on the hose of the vacuum cleaner to avoid scratching the seal on the faux stone. Add an extender attachment to the hose to reach higher surfaces. For an exterior fireplace, brush dust and debris from manufactured stone surfaces with a broom.

  2. Wipe the hearth, mantle, and any surfaces that can get fingerprints with a soft towel moistened with glass cleaner. Allow the cleaner to dry completely before starting a new fire. Outdoors, spray a manufactured stone fireplace with an exterior window cleaner attached to a garden hose. Rinse residue away thoroughly with clear water through a garden spray nozzle attachment on the hose.

  3. Use a manufactured stone cleaner to remove stains or built-up grime that can accumulate on outdoor fireplaces near cooking areas or during construction. Clear the area of furniture and cover the surrounding surfaces with plastic. Dilute the cleaner with water in proportions directed by the manufacturer’s label instructions. Moisten the faux stone with clear water, apply the cleaning solution with a brush or sprayer, then rinse repeatedly with a pressure sprayer.