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A Fire Pit is the Perfect Addition to Your Shawnee Backyard Living Area


Fire pits are becoming more popular all across Shawnee and Kansas City as people are finding more ways to stay outside longer. There is becoming increased importance in the outdoor living areas of homes, and a fire pit is a natural fit in many cases.  Fire pits are perfect for burning wood, but are just as inviting with gas log or fire pit glass applications as well. Fire pits are fairly inexpensive and can really dress up a dull backyard living area. The fire pit can be seamlessly integrated into any existing or theorized outdoor living space, with anything from natural thin veneer stone, full veneer stone, or fabricated stone to brick, stucco or any other concrete adherent. You can choose from many looks that are pre-built fire pit kits or you can build a custom fire pit. It helps to talk with the experts at BSM Residential to go over all your options.  You can also look at some of the kits that we offer by CLICKING HERE.

Fire Pit Kits Are A Quick Addition to Your Outdoor Living Space

If you want quick, easy, and affordable, then a fire pit kit is perfect for your backyard living area.  Our fire pits are engineered for a very simple installation that can be done in as little as an hour, making them a quick, inexpensive addition that will provide many years of entertainment. There are many different sizes to choose from as well the outside stone. The shape of your fire pit kit can either be square or round.  The interior of the kit is fire rated material that will withstand the test of time as well as very high temperatures. You will need an area well away from your home and you will also need a sturdy base. Stone Pavers make a good choice for a sturdy base but there are also many other options.

Custom Fire Pits Let You Dream Up The Perfect Outdoor Living Area Accent

If you can dream it, then BSM Residential can help you make it come to life.  You can customize the interior of the pit as well as pick out the perfect man-made or natural stone for the exterior.  Check out our natural stone gallery as well as our manufactured stone gallery to get the exact appearance for your fire pit that you are looking for. And if your already have an existing outdoor living area for your Shawnee home and want your fire pit to match, then going custom is probably the best choice.

Why stop at only adding a fire pit to your outdoor living area?

How about also adding a  Fireplace, Outdoor Kitchen,  Pizza Oven, or Brick Oven!



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