We Provide Qualtity Residential and Commercial Natural Stone in Kansas City, MO

We are a family-owned and run company. We have been installing superior quality stone and stonework to the residential and commercial areas of Kansas City since 2008, but our professional’s have been shaping stone for a long time prior. Builders Stone KC are skilled in stone work for finishing, and home building.

Natural stone is a amazing way to finish your home and complement your environment. Stone has multiple features such as:

  • Multiple varieties of color and styles
  • Energy Efficient
  • Durable
  • Green
  • Increases Property Value
  • Maintenance Free

Stone has the possibility to become just about any style you can think of, while providing permanence and security. Stone walls can have any kind of color, shape and texture that is lacking in other mediums. Outside stone walls fit naturally into the environment, while interior stone walls and other features provide an atmosphere of charm and taste to any home.

Stone Materials – Kansas City, MO

Stone materials have inherently more mass than most other construction materials. This larger mass will hold more warmth and let your home to heat up and chill down more slowly and evenly. During the changes of air temps during the day and night, stone will provide heat more evenly, which helps keep energy bills down and makes your home more environmentally friendly.

Many studies have demonstrated that stone also reflects warmth more efficiently, keeping cooler air in your building longer and deflecting exterior warmth away. This process is especially helpful in the hot months. During the winter, stone exterior finishes help keep warmth inside by radiating and releasing heat for longer stretches of time, which assists with keeping out the cold longer.

Stone is a highly dependable, natural occurring product that will enhance your home’s character. Call us today in order to find out more about getting started creating the building you deserve.