Repair Request

Thank you for contacting Builder’s Stone and Masonry Repair and Warranty Department.

We have received your repair request and all repairs are scheduled in the order they are received.

To help ensure your repairs are addressed in the most efficient manner possible, please fill out and submit this form with clear detail and if you can, attach pictures of areas that need addressed.

If this is an emergency or you have not received a response within 72hours, please contact the office at 913-764-4446 and ask for Amanda or Melissa.

All exterior repairs will be performed when weather is conducive, that means the temperature needs to be 40 degrees and rising for 48 hours. During the winter, the cold weather inhibits a process called hydration. At normal temperatures, stucco and stonework absorb and excrete water throughout the day. When the temperatures drop towards the point of freezing, the stucco and stonework can freeze and expand, causing direct damage and accelerating erosion.

Repair & I.C.O Work Order