Thin Brick & Block


Brick has been a popular choice for building for thousands of years. In terms of durability, no other form of construction is as reliable as masonry. There are still brick and mortar structures standing today from the ancient Egyptians thousands of years ago – and the bricks then were simply composed of mud and straw. Modern bricks are infinitely more durable than that.

As brick production methods have evolved, the cost of the product has gone significantly down. Adding beautiful block accents is a great place to made an investment to individualize your home. Improved production techniques have given a much wider range of styles to choose from.

Fire Resistant, Energy Efficient, and Durable

The benefits of brick are really endless. Demands for green construction and sustainability are increasing as we realize that the earth has a finite amount to give. As a versatile building material, brick provides all of these features.Brick lasts longer than any other building material, and is harvested from clay – one of the most renewable resources on the earth. Brick has the ability to collect and store heat until it is needed – in fact, you can save up to 8% over vinyl exteriors with a brick home. On top of these great benefits, brick is extremely fire resistant, protecting your home, your family, and your investments.

Color Options for Brick

Color choices for brick is vast compared to cinder block. While an individual can choose the basic gray of cinder blocks on their masonry, they can also choose the redsyellowswhitesspeckled or black color choices of bricks. It depends on their individual style. While brick may cost more than some other construction choices, it is also capable of being used for accenting or partial cladding. This gives additional options to the homeowner.

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