Our Location Information:   (913) 764-4446 9801 Legler, Lenexa, KS 66219 – located inside of X/O Exteriors & Outdoors
Our Location Information:   (913) 764-4446 9801 Legler, Lenexa, KS 66219 – located inside of X/O Exteriors & Outdoors
The Builders' Choice for Stone and Stucco
In the Kansas City Area

Warranty/Labor Renunciation

BSM Residential is a fully licensed, insured, complete masonry subcontractor. With our services, we provide CMU Block, Brick, Natural Stone, Manufactured Stone, Stucco, and EIFS systems throughout the Kansas and Missouri region. As a leading distributor of stone veneer products, we have been providing quality cultured stone products for over a decade. Centurion products are manufactured at a state of the art facility in Nashville, Tennessee and are engineered to the highest of industry standards and are currently represented across the United States, Canada, Japan and Europe. Our Coronado products are manufactured in Carrollton, Texas.

A Copy of Centurion’s 50-year Pro-Rated Materials Warranty is available on Centurion’s website. A copy of Coronado’s 50-year Limited Warranty is available on Coronado’s website.

BSM Residential partners with many subcontractors for the installation of our products. We choose to work with only those contractors who have proven to exhibit the highest integrity and workmanship that will meet the high standards set by us and that our customers expect. All of our masons are fully insured and provide a 1-year limited warranty on their stone installation. The following attributes are considered to enhance the character of the stone and should not be considered faults in installation: varying grout sizes, cut pieces, distribution of color tones and seeping mortar (dry stack). Labor warranties DO NOT cover any circumstances uncontrollable by the installer. This includes damaged or cracked stone due to: Heaving concrete, shifting/twisting of columns framed with non-masonry products, acts of God, excessive settlement of building, and cracked corners on columns are the most common repair due to construction, not installation.

BSM Residential is not responsible for water-proofing. Our stone products along with masonry grout, do allow minimal water penetration. Our masonry subcontractors practice the latest, most up-to-date installation methods in an attempt to avoid any water or moisture issues. Upon completion of all exterior projects, it is recommended that the customer caulk any areas of concern. These areas may include, but are not limited to: where water edge meets siding, stone meets windows, or stone meets any other non-masonry material.

We do ask that the customer understand that stone is intended to look “irregular” and “imperfect”, as these qualities contribute to the overall elegance and artful distinction that sets stone apart from other forms of masonry products.

BSM Residential is determined to provide the construction industry with exceptional products and unmatched customer service, creating an overall experience that the customer will appreciate. Please contact your BSM Residential representative with any questions or feel free to call the office at 913-764-4446.