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BSM Residential specializes in high-quality finishing with natural stonemanufactured stonestucco and brick. Choosing the right building materials for your home remodeling project is the first step to a successful improvement. Any of our masonry siding choices will beautify your home and make it last – all while adding resale value to your home.

Natural Stone

Used since the beginning of time, stone siding is very durable and beautiful. Stones can be used in their natural state or cut to uniform sizes. BSM Residential uses natural, thin-cut stone on many projects including outdoor kitchens, siding finishes, and home detailing projects.

NATURAL STONE DISCLAIMER: Mother Nature makes Natural Stone therefore our samples are a depiction of what the color is at the time it was harvested. Color and veining of Natural Stone will vary and is part of its beauty. Please expect these natural variations when making selections.

Manufactured Stone

Manufactured stone, a lightweight alternative to natural stone, is a green-friendly option (easier to install), and can be prepared to a customer’s specifications. Our manufactured stone line is made in natural stone casts with natural products. It looks great on any project!

MANUFACTURED STONE DISCLAIMER: Manufactured Stone Veneer samples show color and shape, this is a representation of what the stone may look like. Slight variations may occur in the manufacturing process. These samples may not represent an exact replica in both texture and color.

Stucco, Acrylic, and EIFS

Stucco siding is becoming more popular and widespread in the Midwest. Extremely durable and efficient, stucco is traditionally formulated with Portland cement, sand, lime, and water. Sometimes other substances are added, and these admixtures should be tested for people who are sensitive to chemicals. It provides a firm, strong and fire-resistant coating for your home.


Brick siding is one of the most popular masonry siding materials. It is a natural product, made of clay and/or shale. It is long-lasting and can definitely be classified as a “green” siding – particularly if it is available locally and is easily obtainable. A variety of shades and colors are available.

THIN BRICK DISCLAIMER: Lead times for Thin Brick are usually 6-8 months.

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