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Our Location Information:   (913) 764-4446 9801 Legler, Lenexa, KS 66219 – located inside of X/O Exteriors & Outdoors
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Outdoor Natural Stone Patios in Olathe Kansas

Builders Stone is the Best Choice for Outdoor Natural Stone Patios in Olathe, Kansas

Outdoor living patios should never be overlooked when it comes to backyard designs in Olathe, KS. In the minds of some homeowners, swimming pool and dining patios are valued but largely underestimated in terms of their ability to truly highlight an outdoor living space. Natural stone works great for patios, considering it is stronger and sturdier than pavers and does not lose color or get slippery when wet like stamped concrete. Overall, natural stone patios allow patios to transform the most practical piece of a landscape and swimming pool into a surface that benefits the overall atmosphere of the yard.

Choosing Your Natural Stone For Your Outdoor Patio or Pool in Olathe, KS

The choice of stone is the first task in highlighting your landscape and pool with a patio. Pool patios should remain relatively cool in the hot sun, keeping in mind that you will often walk barefoot around the pool. A light gray natural stone is a perfect choice for pool patios because it stays relatively cool in the sun. The color is also pretty neutral, which allows the adjacent pool and landscape to really shine. For dining patios, a different natural stone can be utilized. Bluestone and flamed limestone look nice and smooth as formal patios. But bluestone can store heat, and should not be placed in open sun areas because it will become too hot and result in damaging; limestone, in contrast, provides a cool, smooth surface for pool and dining patios. Sandstone also brings a touch of formality, yet remains pretty neutral. As you can see, pool patios can also feature these more formal selections as well. A sandstone swimming pool patio with bluestone or different range limestone accents or coping, for example, can enhance the look and ambience of a formal swimming pool and landscape.

After you choose the stone for your Olathe pool or dining patio, you then choose a pattern in which to lay the stone. Around natural pools, especially pools with rocky waterfalls, natural stone set in irregular, random patterns works nicely; the natural stone patio, set in this pattern, can enhance the rugged appearance of the pool. For more formal pools, the patio can use the same stone and set that stone in a regular, geometric sequence to create a balance between the formal and natural elements. Any stone patio pattern can be changed slightly for a custom design.

With the stone and pattern decided upon, finishing touches can complete the patio design. Slight accents in any patio of patio can bring the entire outdoor living space together. For example, a sandstone outdoor living room patio can rest next to the bluestone dining patio. A slight bluestone accent in the outdoor living room can mix it with the dining patio, while allowing it to separate itself as a distinct outdoor “room.” Accents can also integrate the patio with aspects of the home and other architectural elements of the back yard. Brick can even be included somewhere in a natural stone patio for distinct color and style.

In general, upgrading to a natural stone patio can take a swimming pool and landscape design and finish it with a tremendous surface. First pick out the stone you would like for your patio. Pick a stone that matches the style of the yard, while paying close attention to the practical needs of the patio. Next, decide on the pattern for the patio. Remember, regular matches formal, irregular fits natural. Finally, get creative. Ask your swimming pool and landscape design company to mix things up by incorporating different materials to create accents that bring a distinct flare to the patio design. Creativity, color, and detail produce the most outstanding natural stone patios.